Karen Baker - Keyboard

In her role as keyboard player, Karen combines extensive classical training with a deep commitment to jazz. A graduate of the Crane School of Music, she has continued her musical studies at the University of Louisville, Skidmore College, and the Vermont Jazz Center. Karen also performs as a piano soloist, and as the piano player in... Take Note: The Karen Baker Trio.

Dan Spada - Bass / Vocals

Dan has lived in Tupper Lake for almost 30 years and has been a rock n’ roll bassist for even longer. Jazz and swing have always interested him and Dan states that when the opportunity arose to join with these five talented musicians, he jumped at the chance. He believes that playing music is never better than when you share it with other musicians and, probably most importantly, the audience. The greatest pleasure he derives from playing music is watching others groove to the sound the ensemble provides and he views the ability to play for an audience as a real honor.

Mike Joyce - Guitar / Vocals

A native of Valhalla, NY, Mike’s first summer job, at one of the town’s well-known cemeteries, included mowing the grass at the family burial plot of big-band-era legends Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey. Married to Bonnie, the couple has 2 grown children and one granddaughter and has lived in the North Country since 1972. Mike is recently retired and, playing in his first band since college, can’t believe his luck at falling in, after all these years, with such a wonderful group of like-minded musicians.

~ Past Members: ~

Bill Stokes - Violin

Bill Stokes is a violinist, arranger, music teacher and band director. From 1976 until 2000, he earned a living as an orchestral and free-lance musician in Sarasota, Florida. Relocating to the Adirondacks, he devoted himself to the study of Jazz, taught instrumental music, and directed middle school and high school bands in Keene, NY.

David Mishanec - Sax / Clarinet

David learned to play sax from his high school band teacher and played in a band during his high school years. Some 30 years later, feeling the desire to play again, he sought out and joined other like-minded musicians. He enjoys the challenge of playing 4 different reed instruments and learning the intricacies particular to jazz.
Sandra Mishanec - Vocals

Sandra was invited to join the talented group of Le Groove musicians, as vocalist, in 2011 when its members would rehearse regularly at her and husband David’s home. Having been an avid music enthusiast of all genres ever since she can remember, she was proud to have been a member of this remarkable jazz/blues/swing band  - proving that one never knows!"

Rick Weber - Drums / Vocals

While still in diapers, Rick's mother set him down on the kitchen floor with pots and spoons and encouraged him to play. Right then, he discovered his passion for percussion. Growing up, his life at home and school was filled with music. As a teen, he played percussion in school orchestras, ensembles, and a number of bands. He's been a part of working bands in almost every place he's lived since then, playing blues, jazz, rock, and bluegrass. He enjoys and admires the talented musicians in the Tri-Lakes area.

Redia Spada - Vocals